Help with weed ID

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Can anyone here identify the weed pictured below? I tried the Google image search without success.
While probably not in my worst half dozen of my garden weeds it still tends to be fairly abundant. It tends to have a prostrate growth habit which may not be apparent in the photo below.

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Just thinking out loud here. Does this plant tend to root along its leaf nodes? And broken off pieces left on the soil will not die, but re-root? Has it had flowers yet? Tiny ones, yellow or white?

It looks like a weed we get in the little bit of lawn we have in our back yard. It is persistent nestled in the humidity of the lawn. I can't think of its name, darn it. Don't recall having it in the food garden, though....I just went out to look for the weed, but it is not up in our yard yet. Pretty sure your spring is ahead of ours.

Could be some kind of Polygonum (smartweed, knotweed).

It makes me think of smartweed which looks similar but has a small, spiky light purple flower.

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Diodia virginiana is the weed in my backyard that looks like yours.

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Thank you both. I believe that you both nailed it with Polygonum-Smartweed. Just what I need: a weed that laughs at being chopped to bits by a tiller!