I see other members on when I am on, is there any way to chat with others who are also present?

Is there any way to see the most recent replies to content, or can you only see the new topics?

I'm very happy to be here! Thank you all!

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Yeah there's some problems with the forums and the way they display new posts. It has to do with the version of the software we're using. It sucks, lol.

Good news is we should have a new version and upgrades roll out June 1st. I've found a version which is actively maintained and has most of the features we want. Right now I'm migrating the forum posts to it and once I get the past year's worth moved, I'll let everyone know and plan the move. I have to manually copy/paste each post and comments so its taking me a bit.

Oh my goodness, thank you!

I added a comment or two to the intermittent fasting thread, if anyone is interested in talking more about developing the ability to go without food for periods of time. ( On the radio last night, I listened to the story from someone who walked 70 km in 20 hours without food to get out of Ukraine and into Poland. These people who are lobbying for civil war here either think they're immune, don't understand what they're asking for, or are completely mentally ill. Maybe all three. :-(.