Green Wizard Almanac?

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I had an idea for an occasional post and wondered if people might be interested.

I like reading gardening almanacs or "in this day in your garden" books and posts. I thought it might be interesting if every once in a while, we have an open post and report on what we are doing in the garden/homestead. I thought it would be a nice way to keep up to date with people and if someday, someone wants to compile these posts into chronological order, that would make a nice project. Also, to be selfish, it keeps my morale up to see what other people are doing and occasionally report my own successes (or troubles!).

If people thought this was interesting, I would suggest maybe an open post on the new moon each month?


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Decide how you want to format it KMA and write the first one up come the next new moon. I'll make it a sticky each month in the "The Third Circle: Gardening and Composting". The following month, when you post the next one, I'll swap them out.

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I will do that!

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That would be a great feature!

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I haven't forgotten this! I had it on my schedule to do at the last new moon but we had a chicken emergency. It ended up with me learning how to euthanize a chicken - serious skill building.

Then I realized better to wait for the new year and the next new moon. Still planning on this!

I assume you ate the chicken!

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None of the above! It was sick. A vent prolapse (insides falling out) compounded with a stuck egg. The egg was going to explode and go toxic. Butchering for meat is on the list to learn. I've realized with my skills and interest, I'm capable of managing chickens for eggs and meat and rabbits for meat, but we're still in a suburban neighborhood so we do what we can (also, I need to learn to butcher).