We Are Looking For Guest Bloggers

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Along with the Forum, a great way to spread the information that people will need to survive and prosper in the coming Age of Collapse facing all of us, is the blog posts on the Green Wizards' main page. The longer format allows for detailed discussion and its prominent position gets eyeballs on the subject. We are seeking guest authors and their writing and have a holiday incentive for all of you out there with favorite pens.

Write a post we use and get a free copy of John Michael Greer's "Green Wizardry".

Its the perfect book for anyone who is interested in living better with less, as well as makes a great introduction for those who don't know what kind of Future we are facing. Its an amazing stocking stuffer too for the upcoming holidays.

Some guidelines:
1) Needs to be original new works please. Don't just copy and paste something you put up on your blog a few years back. That said, you can always update and expand past posts. Look at some of the last couple of year's main page blogs for what we've posted in the past.
Green Wizards main page

2) Should have at least 3-5 photos to help explain your article. Prefer original photos you have copyright to, but will take appropriate free use ones like from Wiki Commons. I can help you resize and format them. Photo size in the posts is typically 1000 pixels wide (height can vary).

3) Length is variable but it should be detailed as you can get. The preference for selection will be the longer ones.

4) First in, first reviewed and selected but if your post is short, lacks photos and is vague, I may well go to the next one.

5) Multi-part articles are going to make the top of the list! If you can make it a 3 parter, I'll even throw in a second book.


I've got about a dozen copies to give away, so sharpen the pencils, dust off the keyboards, get out your photos and submit.

Looks interesting. I'll see if an idea comes and bites me.

If I can come up with another long post, I will.
However, since I've already got my copy of Green Wizards, you can reward someone else.

I am now working on a post about the practicalities of living without a car. Sound like something you'd be interested in, so long as I do a good job of it?

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At this point if you do a half way good job of it I'd be interested, lol.

Underway and rough draft half-written.

How do I send it to you?

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I sent you an email to the protonmail account you used to sign up.

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Opinion pieces welcome? I have an idea for a possible 2-3 part blog, and perhaps I could test the waters here before start my own blog?