Recent Outage of 10-3 to 10-6

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Sorry we were down for a few days. One of the anti-spam modules in the site glitched and got into a loop, preventing anyone, even me from accessing the site. My web host's tech support fixed it. It has identified some deficiencies I have in the documentation and records here. At one point I thought we had lost the last 5 years of forum posts.

I'm going to begin the change to the new theme and style earlier than I anticipated though. Hopefully we can get rid of the horrible red on the main page and get some very needed features, like the search. running too.

Thank you for all you do to keep this forum running, by the way. I can only imagine how much work goes in behind the scenes

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You and everyone else are more than welcome. I enjoy having the company here.

Usually its not a chore but this glitch really was a pain in the ass. It got fixed then it broke again. I was online with tech support for four hours today (the 11th) getting it fixed. Luckily I got a patient techie to walk me thru it. Should be good now until we move to the new version in early 2022.

FYI to everyone, we will be getting a new theme then, which should fix all of the problems and features we don't currently have. Its going to be a much better look, lots of green, with

Search Enabled - we'll be able to find old posts by subject
A new forum set up - which should show the recent posts and comments by sub-forum
Be better when viewed in your phone or tablet
You'll be able to automatically register and ask for updated passwords if needed without contacting me to do it.
Get rid of the awful red colors

And we will be getting a new feature which allows members to compile "books" of subject here:
this will go a long way towards my ultimate goal of creating a library of Green Wizard books that people can download and save. Here's the picture of the theme. The train picture will be replaced naturally but you can get a feel for the new look.

Look for that in the Spring

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Hi David,

You have done a tremendous amount of work and service in building and maintaining this community. Thank you so much!

It's been a pleasure to come over here from Ecosophia and see friendly faces talking about some of my favorite topics.

I am so grateful for this!