Website Changes in August / September

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Just to let everyone know, I'm going to be working on the website over the next month. Hopefully we can fix alot of the bugs people have been having problems with. I'm upgrading to Durpal 8, and probably installing a new theme. This should give us the search mechanism as well as fix the "unsecured" issue many of you are seeing.

If you come by and find the site offline, check back a few hours later. If its an extended outage (more than a day or so) check my FB page here

Cross your fingers.

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In trying to bookmark your FB page, I got a "page not found" message. Is there a flaw in the link?

Hope the update will be smooth and easy for you.

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Perhaps you need to be logged into FB? I'm a bit clueless on that platform.

I don't much care for social media though with the pandemic I've been on it way too much. I should probably get the Green Wizardry FB page current. Last time I posted there was September 2018.

Most of the changes will be under the hood, upgrading us to the most current version of the software and going to a theme which is supported and well used. Has almost the same layout, though I'm trying to go with a green rather that the horrible red color. Search is going to be the big one, we need that terribly. I have until the end of the year to move all of the old site posts, so hopefully by next year, once I've moved, we'll be in a better place here to move forward.