purple Baptisia seeds offered

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I have Baptisia australis seeds to offer. This is a perennial legume native to N.America. Very, pretty foliage and flowers, grows to about 38-40 inches tall. A lush-looking nitrogen fixer, I had been planting them around my peach trees which like a lot of nitrogen. Did not get to see how it benefitted the trees as the orchard on leased land was sold to another person. But anyway, Baptisia has that possibility.

The seeds were just harvested two days ago, so they have been though a winter's chill and should be ready to germinate. They have germinated very easily for me in the past, close to 100% when trying about three dozen at a time. However, they suffer if left long in small pots, so should be planted out to their final place or planted to large pots before the weather gets into the upper 90sF every day.

Baptisia has herbal uses, but I'm not personally familiar.

I love showing this plant to kids after the seeds have matured. The pods turn black and the seeds become loose within so that when you shake a branch you hear a curious rattle. The plant is sometimes called "rattle box" for that reason.

Offered are 34 seeds to three people wherever US first class postage will get them. I'll cover postage.

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I now have fresh baptisia seeds to offer.