Plant Pests - Where Best To Put Their Information?

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I got hit very badly with squash beetles, who pretty much destroyed my three plants in late July. I did get some great photos though of the bugs and had some fun looking up how to combat them.

The question I have is where is the best place to put their information?

We have a "Green Wizard Book of Animals" but I'm leaning towards including plant pests in the "Green Wizard Book of Plants". If I do that, then I have two choices, either put their information in as a addendum on the plant entry OR, have a separate section (sub forum) of pests. Since some pests go after multiple plants, I'm leaning towards having a sub-forum. The eventual plan is to publish the Green Wizard books, so having pests and plant diseases in the Book of Plants makes sense.


Under the plant heading, is it possible to have a subsection on plant pests (and then later, one on plant pathogens)?

I've just thrown my name into the hat to take an advanced IPM (Integrated Pest Management) class in October. If I get in, perhaps I can be of assistance in this direction.

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I've tried to put it as a subforum but the format isn't the greatest. I'm assuming that the Book of Plants when published will have a front section of a plant list, then a second section with Pests and Diseases. For now its in the Library as a separate forum under the Plants.