People who love old style living

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Chuckling at this a bit before I go on to read the rest of the article.
Everything is vintage, apart from my Alexa – but that’s hidden in an old speaker. I have a laptop for work and watching Netflix. But that’s it. I restored a 1951 Bush television, so I can watch old movies on it. I know it’s not from the 30s, but TVs weren’t popular back then.

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I love it! Thanks for this article. Retromaniacs Unite! This is good because it makes retro living cool. & if we want to see Green Wizardry and it's allied arts grow I think it has to be fun.

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I've seen collections of old radios encased in bulky furniture (to hide the vacuum tubes), lovingly restored. But what can you hear on AM broadcasting? Not much! So, radio restorers also buy low-powered AM transmitters and CD recordings of classic radio programs, so they (and their guests) can listen to old time radio on old-time radios. Of course, if you want to go back farther than that, you can almost always catch some Morse Code in one of the ham bands.

One of my sons noticed a recent arrival in the vintage electronics collection, and started doing his Edgar R. Murrow impression: "This.. is London. German bombers are caught in the searchlights above the city..." Never a dull moment.