Building Bunkers for the Apocalypse

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While most of us here believe in a Long Emergency and Long Descent, the bunker still has a hold on the prepper's imagination. And here is a podcast from the Art of Manliness about why people are building apocalypse bunkers. What I found fascinating was how the guest got interested in bunkers from his work in the area of Urban Exploration -another fascinating topic. Anyway, thought it might be a good listen for others here too!

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Bunker builders are probably in a different economic level than me, and I don't just mean the ones who refit Kansas nuclear missile silos or buy into the silo condominiums. At the very least, they are building a second house, rudimentary though it my be.

I'm reminded of when I was a child. Whenever my mom and I drove by a certain long ranch style house on a vast, flat, mowed lawn, my Mom would remark, "That's the house with gold faucets." She was referring to the bathroom taps which were gold. Somehow or another, she had been invited to a party in the owner's fallout shelter which was an underground replica of his regular house, plus recreation facilities. But what struck her most was the ostentatious golden plumbing.

Now why would anyone hold a party in their bunker except to show off? As said in the podcast, some people keep their bunker installation as secret as possible, even going so far as to have the work done at night.

I don't believe bunker buyers are thinking it through.

Will they really have time to get to the bunker from wherever they are?
If they're flying in their private jets, will the pilots abandon their families?
Who takes care of the maintenance on the bunker when they're not there?
Do they really believe the neighbors don't know? Even if the contractors are working at night and signed NDA's, they know what they built.
If the zombie apocalypse actually arrives, the contractors will have already taken over when the bunker owners arrive!
And what about the neighbors? Think they won't come calling?

It all seems like purchasing vastly expensive magical talismans to ward off evil.